Why winterize a diesel engine?

Yes, Winter is coming!  And, your valuable diesel engine, whether a semi, pick-up, car, RV, heavy equipment or boat, you need to take some care for their Winter hibernation.

Why?  To protect your investment.  Diesel fuel can solidify in Winter weather.  As a result, you may experience engine shut-downs.  Diesel fuel contains paraffins, similar to the wax of your candles in your home.

Though we are now in early Fall it is the very best time to work on your vehicle so you don’t have to deal with frozen fingers and cold parts when the snow begins.

Here are some general tips you should consider as part of your winterizing steps. Please follow any instructions that come with your vehicle.  And, if you are not sure about how to winterize call us.  Remember, we come to you.

  • Dry out the system – Drain the water
  • Change the antifreeze
  • Change your filters
  • Treat the oil
  • Treat the fuel
  • Carry an emergency treatment
  • Check the coolant system
  • Prepare the battery
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check for leaks
  • Clean and expect the exterior

Here is a good source for reference before you start.  Click here.

Finally, be sure and drive smarter.  Changing weather will change how your vehicle handles.  One key recommendation is to be make sure your engine has warmed up.



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