Congratulations.  You either drive for a transport company or you own your own Semi.  Thus, mobile truck repair is key, if it comes to that.

Remember, the rigs you drive will undoubtedly be quite large, which means that there is a lot of maintenance that must go into them.  Both on a monthly and even daily basis.

Also, you might be driving long distances, which means that you and your truck will be away from the local repair shop that you are accustomed to.

So, in other words, understanding basic truck maintenance is critical.  If something should happen, then Mobile Mechanics of Colorado will be ready to offer assistance.

Here are some tips to help you keep running smooth:

  • Take care of the outside of your truck. This is not just for how it looks.  If you keep your truck clean at all times, you will be able to detect any dents or scratches.  This effort will help you repair them and maybe hidden damage as soon as you can.
  • Watch what you put inside your vehicle. Semi-Truck experts will tell you, “Using the right fuel, oil, and even windshield washer can contribute to a truck that is in good condition.”
  • Do you know what your gages mean? And, how to read them.  Being alerted immediately to a problem could save you expense in the long run.

If you need assistance with your semi-truck for service or repair.  We will be there.  Remember, we come to you.


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