As a mobile diesel mechanic, well, let me count the ways…

First, where fuel prices are you should probably choose a cost effective mode of travel.  Right? The Diesel engine is very efficient and cost effective. Also, diesel has higher energy density, i.e. more energy can be extracted as when compared with the same volume of gasoline.

Here are our thoughts on advantages and disadvantages:

Fuel economy:  Advantage Diesel.

Initial cost:  Advantage Gasoline

Noise/Vibration:  Advantage Gasoline

Cold Weather:  Advantage Gasoline

Long-term Maintenance and Durability:  Advantage Diesel

Look, choosing between a gas or diesel engine is an important decision.  The key question to ask yourself:  “What do I plan to do with the vehicle where I live?”  If you use your truck like a car, then maybe a gas auto is the right choice.  If you plan to tow a boat or rack up a lot of miles driving then maybe a diesel is for you.  We would be glad to help you decide.  Just contact us.  We are on Facebook and Twitter.

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