Now through April 30 call us for our Spring is Coming Specials. Warmer weather is almost here!  You need to have your vehicles running smooth for those Spring vacation trips.  And yes, that includes that RV!  Auto! Truck!  Heavy Equipment!  Fleet!  And, more.

Regular maintenance is a “must” if you want a diesel engine to purr like when you first got the vehicle.  And yes, every diesel owner will probably encounter some “challenges”.  Although diesel engines require no ignition tune-ups and tend to last longer with major repairs than gasoline engines, they do require low-cost maintenance.

Yes, we do oil and filter changes.  We also conduct used car inspections if you are in the market for a new auto or truck.

More than 25 years experience.  We know hydraulic systems on trucks, water craft and heavy equipment.  We repair hydraulic cylinders and pumps, etc.  Remember, we come to you.

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